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Who We Are And Our Services

Kaze Designs offers professional and adapted solutions to help you develop your online presence, unlock your potential and reach unprecedented heights! We provide professional and affordable web design, as well as comprehensive online marketing tools such as high quality videos, personalized music, as well as consulting on usability and search engine optimization.

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Efficient Workflow
With our simple and efficient workflow, you can give your feedback at all stages of the project so that we can deliver the best product.
Newest Technology
We make sure we use the latest available software and technology to provide you with cutting edge service.
Mobile Ready
We make sure that our designs and projects will display ideally on any format or form factor, be it on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop.
Direct Support
Our support is a direct, skype or emailed-based system so you can always talk to someone when you need help.
Fast Response
Once we start on your project, you can be sure that it will become our top priority and that it will be delivered to you in record time.
Monitor Progress
We help you collect meaningful data to monitor your progress, that way, you can have total confidence in what we do for you.
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Our Portfolio

Browse through some of our past projects to get an idea of how we can serve you.
Video Production


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Video Production

Business Presentation

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Music Composition

Music for a Japanese Independent Film

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Web Design

School Blog

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Video Production

KuSakura Corporate video

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Web Design

Technical Support Company Website

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Client Testimonials

We trust Kaze Designs for the building and maintenance of all our company's websites. Since we work in personal computer support, the computer-literacy of our customers ranges from total beginners to quite advanced. Kaze Designs provides us with reliable websites with excellent end-user usability so that our company can support its customers in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Kaze Designs offered us a professional and fast shooting coupled with excellent advice. They presented us with several versions of our corporate video and they applied all of the modification that we asked, exactly how we wanted them. The final video fits perfectly to what we wanted our corporate image to be. We will definitely work with Kaze Designs again in future.

Claude Jabert
CEO - Informatique86
Jordy Delage
CEO - Seido Co., Ltd

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Kaze Designs
Honshio-cho 9-4-A
Shinjuku, 160-0003
Tokyo, Japan
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